Welcome Home to Ford Lake Village!

Ford Lake Village is a subdivision community of 205 homes located between Huron River Drive and Textile Road and east of Ford Heritage Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan [see map below].

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We welcome you to take a minute to explore the website to find information like important Association Documents, the archive of past newsletters, and the Association meeting minutes. Finally, you can contact a board member to ask a question or make a suggestion.


For all requests regarding status/pay off letters and HOA fees,
please contact the Ford Lake Village Board,

Please send HOA Fees to:
PO Box 970050, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Storing Recreational Vehicles
on Property


No house trailer, commercial vehicle, truck, boat, boat trailer, camper, snowmobile, snowmobile trailer, recreational vehicle or camping vehicle, horse or other utility trailer or vehicle (except passenger cars, passenger vans, and pickup trucks used for personal use) may be parked or stored on any Lot or subdivision street unless stored fully enclosed within an attached garage otherwise constructed in accordance with this Declaration, except that (i) commercial trucks and vehicles may be parked upon any Lot while making deliveries or pickups in the normal course of business, and (ii) construction trailers may be kept and maintained within the Subdivision by Declarant and his sub-contractors engaged in the construction of Dwellings within the Subdivision, provided that such construction trailer(s) shall be located upon a Lot owned by Declarant, or by the person for whom the Dwelling is being constructed, and shall be removed from the Subdivision at such time as the construction of Dwelling(s) is completed within the subdivision.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency:                911

Non-Emergency:       734-484-6740

Ordinance Report:    734-485-4393

Humane Society:       734-662-5585

Ford Lake Village Property Owners Association

PO Box 970050, Ypsilanti, MI 48197