Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage neighbors to become involved in helping our community! We have volunteer opportunities with social events, landscaping, or facilities projects of a small nature. If you want to help out, but cannot commit the time for a full year of a board position, we have listed some potential projects you can volunteer for and help out. Contact the board member listed or admin@fordlakevillage.com to ask for more information and volunteer your services.

Special Projects

  1. Volunteers are always needed for various social activities. Please contact our Social Chair, Open Position, at admin@fordlakevillage.com to get involved.

  2. Are you a teenager seeking work to fulfill "Community Hours" by helping out the neighborhood? Please contact the Ford Lake Village Board, admin@fordlakevillage.com. We can always use an extra pair of hands to help keep our neighborhood looking great!

  3. Street crack patching: Fill large cracks and chuckholes in pavement before winter. Please contact Sam Revach, our Facilities Chair, at admin@fordlakevillage.com to assist with this project.

  4. Flower planting: If you have a green thumb and would like to assist with planting flowers in our common area entrances and around the Ford Lake Village signs, please contact David Stowe at admin@fordlakevillage.com .